Obsession Bows & Accessories

Out On A Limb Treestands carries a full line of Obsession bows. We are a Obsession bows authorized dealer, and Obsession bow shooters ourselves. If you have any questions regarding Obsession Bows or bow accessories please contact us for more info. Below you will find information on the technology used on Obsession Bows and other Obsession products.

Obsession Bow Technology

Obsession Bows produces only the very best in compound bows. Whether you are a competition archer or hunter you can count on Obsession Bows to deliver excellent results with every shot.

Fx1 ds Cam

With PerFX System (Patent Pending) The FX 1 DS Cam with PerFX is the smoothest, deadest in the hand, Two track you’ll ever shoot. Others talk about bows that are smooth, but Obsession Bows delivers smooth with speed. FX 1 DS Cam with PerFX System (Patent Pending) Two Track Cam U.S. Patent # 7997259 The FX 1 DS Available in Black, Red and Orange FX 1 DS Available on DEF CON 6 and Fusion 6 Only U.S. Patent # 7997259


With PerFX System (Patent Pending) New Evolution Z Cams with interchangeable draw mods come in ½” increments. The Evolution Z Mod Cam is only available on DEF CON M6, DEF CON M7, Addiction OBB U.S. Patent # 7997259

KS Cam

With PerFX System (Patent Pending) KS Cam comes with Interchangeable draw mods come in ½ increments. (Available Black Only) on K34, K32, Sniper GT, Huntress and Phoenix X

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