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August 13, 2019
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September 17, 2019

Ridge Runner Adjustment Knob


Our new version of the Ridge Runner knob increases your thread length from 11/16″ to 1″, thus allowing for more adjustability in your saddle platform. Along with the added length, we have also improved the overall design of the knob creating a more visual satisfying look to your platform. Pictured below is a comparison picture of the old knob with the new knob. Starting now all Ridge Runner orders will have the new knob.


  1. Derek B. (verified owner)

    A necessary improvement. Speaks volumes to the innovation and commitment of Out on A Limb.

  2. Steven Blanar (verified owner)

    Definitely makes a difference over the original knob! Thanks for delivering great products!

  3. Tom Minor (verified owner)

    It works great with my RidgeRunner. The most solid saddle platform there is.

    Great products!

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