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The Reach


Lightweight. Versatile. Simple. Silent. Smooth. Sturdy.
Those are the aspects we all look for in a camera arm, and what we have striven to provide to the market and industry. The culmination of the Modern Assassins experience and the expertise of Out On A Limb Manufacturing have constructed what we feel is the most complete mobile camera arm system available to date in the “Reach”.

24″ Reach from tree mount
Arm weighs 16oz
Tree Mount weighs 20oz
2″ Cam-Over Strap weighs 10oz

Weighing at only 46oz (That’s Base, Strap, and Arm)

The “Reach” is setting new standards in both Compatibility and Function. The camera arm is removable from the base. Segregating the system into two components that can easily fit in your pack or even a pocket.
Cam Over Buckle style strap to Securely mount the base to any Tree Trunk or Limb regardless of bark type. Mount it vertically, horizontally, and nearly anything in between.
Tooless Shoulder mount adjustments. A pull on the lever reduces friction on the shoulder ball, allowing adjustments to level the arm, pressing the lever locks it in place solid once adjustments are made.
The 3 section arm not only reduces footprint for compatibility but aids in function. A 3 piece arm puts the camera at the end of the arm when fully compacted, as opposed to folding a 2 piece that’s jamming your camera back into the tree. The 3 piece “Reach” also allows the user to “wrap” the arm around their body or the tree to Reach Out and capture nearly any angle. And for the Saddle Hunter, it allows the arm to pass between them and the tree to get maximum capability from your arm.

Tooless. Single lever lock operation. Easy to use Cam Over Buckle. The “Reach” provides adaptability to film from about any tree you can get in, so you can focus on the hunt.

A top hat bushing provides a buffer between the Arm and Mount for silent attachment and smooth function. Teflon Washers between arm segments allow fluid motions for steady film.

Cut, Milled, and Machined from Aluminum. The “Reach” can support 10 lbs and still provide fluid function and hold at full extension, for Quality Footage.

Don’t let your camera gear weigh down your hunt or your success. Grab the “Assassin Reach” and see what you can capture. The most balanced camera system for the Mobile Hunter, Self Filmer, or Saddle Hunter on the market.

Please allow 2 weeks shipping for all Reach orders. We understand your excitement to receive your product and we are working hard to put it in your hands. Thank you for your patience.


  1. Kenneth Holifield (verified owner)

    The only thing i would do is put a note in telling customers to put a tether on the screw so they will not lose it.. any thing not attached you will lose. Smile

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