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CA2 Camera Arm
November 2, 2017
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March 13, 2018

ZRO360E Camera Arm


The ZRO360E Camera Arm is the economy version of the ZRO360. The ZRO360E has all the same functions as ZRO360 with the only difference being the ZRO360E is friction dampened rather than hydraulically dampened. Total weight of the ZRO360E is under 9 pounds

ZRO360E Camera Arm

The ZRO360E is an all new overhead camera arm by Out On a Limb designed for the outdoor videographer. Whether filming your own hunt or someone else’s, this revolutionary camera arm will give you the ability to capture footage from virtually any angle, at a zero gravity state. This arm allows you to move up, down and side-to-side unlike any other camera arm ever seen. The days of having obstacles ruining your kill shot are now over. With the unmatched maneuverability of the ZRO360E and its ultra-quiet performance, you are sure to get that once in a lifetime footage we all set out to achieve.

ZRO360E Camera Arm Includes:

    • Camera Hoop
    • Camera Arm
    • Tree Base
    • Ratchet Strap

(Camera, fluid head, and other accessories not included)

The ZRO360E camera arm. Rise above or below, and get the shots you need!


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