Out On A Limb Testimonials

I'm sitting in one for the first time ever this afternoon. It's unbelievable how comfortable this stand is. I've been missing out.

Zac Hearon

I got to use my camera arm in the field for the first time this last week. It worked beautifully. It did everything it was expected to do. Loved it. Can't wait to start using it for this deer season. Well done Matt Garis.

Dan Tyler

Great guy with exceptional, well thought out products with the kind of features that can only be developed through years of experience. As good as they look in the pictures, they exceed expectations in person.

Doug Rand

Being a welder and a fabricator I know a well built product when I see it. Being a hunter I know a well built tree stand when I see it. Being a welder and a fabricator that is also a hunter I know the best tree stand system I've ever laid my hands upon when I see it. This is one of those ideas I wish I had come up with. I will have some of these hanging in the trees of Sw Iowa next deer season! If you are in the market for a tree stand you NEED to give these guys some serious consideration!

Ben Roberts

The most comfortable bow stand I've hunted out of! I picked up one of these bad boys carried the stand, walking sticks and tree saw to tree and had the stand up by myself. I like how everything is good quality I didn't have to worry about buying my own straps!!!! I like to tilt mine back just a couple notches and relax!

Johnny Mconnell ~ Facebook

My buddy told me about these stands and let me borrow his. I killed a good buck my first time to ever sit in it. It was easy to hang and a very comfortable set. I will definitely be buying a couple of my own now.

Jaden Dillard ~ Facebook

I purchased the two man ladderstand at the expo in Birmingham, brought it home and assembled in minutes. It took two of us to put it in the tree in just a few minutes. Strapped it down and its very sturdy for a big guy! I can't wait for season to start. Very well pleased with price, quality, and comfort! I recommend the add on shooting rail.

Randy Buse

I have purchased and installed 10 of these stands over the last two years. The LS1 is a 15’ Ladder Stand is constructed of T6061 Aluminum and is fabricated in Enid, Oklahoma by Out on a Limb Mfg. The stand utilizes a 30”x 36” platform, covered in expanded aluminum. The ladder comes in 3-5’ sections also constructed of aluminum. All components of the stand are interlocking and connect with hitch pins.


1. The LS1 incorporates two revolutionary Tree Mount Slides. The top slide is fixed horizontally and has approximately 12” of adjustability in the forward/aft directions. The bottom slide has the same 12” of adjustability in the forward/aft directions. Furthermore, the bottom slide has approximately 30” of left/right adjustability. These two adjustments really open the door for placing this stand on less than straight trees but exactly where you want it. 2. The ladder stand uses 6” sleeves to interlock the sections. I have had no buckling of the stands during erection due to these sleeves locking the sections together. 3. The assembled the Ladder Stand weighs between 50-60 pounds and is relatively easy for one person to erect and secure. 4. Customer service is awesome. I had to contact Matt about 1 stand last year. Matt offered to come to Kansas and make sure I was happy and the stand got erected. 5. The aluminum construction ensures this stand will be in service for many, many years unlike similar steel constructed stands. 6. The large platform and comfortable nylon webbed seats make for a comfortable, all day stand.


1. Occasionally, some of the parts fit tight and I have had to use a lightweight mallet to connect the pieces; allowing them to be pinned. (These stands are built to a very tight tolerance.) However, these stands are also very quiet when you move around on them. In summary, I am very happy with the LS1 Ladder Stand and would recommend them anyone wanting a quality stand that is easy to assemble, erect and will be in service for many years.

Chris Ward - Wichita, KS

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